2016 Kentucky Elk Tag

Folks, our organization (Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association Inc.) received an elk tag this year from KDFWLR to auction off. The board has decided to post our tag on different web sites and have a call in auction. They have set a ceiling on this bid, (meaning when that bid is met the auction is over) along with starting dates and ending dates (starting Jan. 5th, 2016 ending May 1, 2016). I will post information on our web site, face book page as well as other sites. If you would share this info on any site you use. If you want to enter a bid give me a call with the amount and contact info (606-789-7125).  Money from this tag will be spent for habitat improvement and youth programming. All names and bids will be handled according to laws concerning auction bidding with Kentucky Gaming Commission, along with laws with the KDFWLR (301 FAR 2:132). Below is information concerning the tag.

Commission Conservation, Permit Certificate, Fall 2016 Bull Elk Permit

301 FAR 2:132 establishes the guidelines for the elk hunting seasons. Holding a special commission permit for elk entitles the permit holder to take one (1) either sex elk during the annual public elk hunt in the designated area. A special commission permit holder for elk must follow the guidelines established in 301 KAR 2:132, including checking in and out with the area hunt manager (if applicable) and telechecking their elk.

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