Could lead ammo be banned ???

Have you heard about this ? It’s true, the democrats are pushing to have lead ammo banned. Here is a short video (4-minutes) put out by the GOA (Gun Owners of America).
They do an excellent job at laying out this effort to ban lead ammo. As a side note… if you don’t already support the GOA, please consider becoming a member. They are known as “The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington“, and they do far more than any of the other very well known groups. Here is their home page: Check them out. There is a ton of information on their site.

As you know, there are many groups (government and non-government) that would like to ban guns altogether. What better way to do and end-run around a total gun ban than to simply ban the ammo used in guns. A gun is not much good with no ammo.

The specific legislation is HR-615 (in the House of Representatives): and the Senate bill (S1185) is here:

Check out the video, and the actual bills themselves, and then let your local representative know your feelings on the matter. Here is how to find, and how to contact your representative: and just a reminder… a phone call to their office is FAR better than writing a letter, and WAY FAR better than doing nothing. One legislator stated during an interview that when they are wondering how to vote on an issue, they walk out to their staff and ask if they have received any calls on the issue. Calls DO matter !
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” (Edmund Burke)

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